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Pieces of Paper 

-Aspirations of 9/11 


On September 12, 2001, fourteen characters representing every walk of life show up at a makeshift emergency support center in Manhattan to help out in any way they can.  


Inspired by 200 handwritten paper forms, notes, signs and lists created by 9/11 volunteers in the process of running the Chelsea Piers Support Center, POP is a meditation on the power and compassion of the human spirit.  This visceral multimedia docudrama explores the private as well as the collective experience of grassroots volunteers during the week of the 9/11 attacks. The story is told through text, movement, video and an original soundscape by post-minimalist pianist and composer Anton Batagov, featuring cellist Matt Haimovitz. POP was conceived, written and directed by Michael Simon Hall, theater artist and 9/11 citizen volunteer, and is considered to be an evolving work. 


POP was developed through a series of studies and NYC presentations including Radical Hospitality, a group exhibit at the New-York Historical Society in 2004, followed by presentations at the Neighborhood Playhouse, Joyce Soho, Here Arts Center, and the Irondale Center for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. 


The many actors, musicians, artists, 9/11 volunteers, first responders, organizations and supporters who have participated in the creation of POP to date: (scroll down for entire list)



Kevin Lee Allen

Mark Altman

Patrick Avella

Sandi Bachom

Mary Baldridge

Harold Baldridge

Anton Batagov

Eddie Barba

Billy Baggett

Michael Boritz

Steven Boritz

Susanna Bowling

Clodagh Bowyer

Anna Ewing Bull

Susanna Buckley

Angelina Cacciato

Dani Carr

Aaron Chartrand

Tino Christopher

Danny Cleary

Cheryl Duncan

Steve Ditmyer

Lars Drew

Monique Fanfan

Kathy Formisano

Dr. Kathy O’Reilly Fallon

Seth Gertsacov

David Guzzone

Matt Haimovitz

Kathy Hall

William Hall

Chris and Beth Hall

Marlene Hamerling

Bob Hart

Elizabeth Flynn-Jones

Felisa Kazen

Kristina Kumi Kimball

Felix Kunze

Kjersti Kveli

Michael Locascio

Lana Lovada

Jorjeana Marie

Sergio Martinez

Anna Martinson

Suzanne Mernyk

Lanny Meyers

Karen Mester

Maureen Mueller

Mary Murphy

Luis Padilla

Leonardo Pereznieto

Ethan Plemmons

Eddie Ramirez

Danny Rose

David Rosenack

Erica Schietinger

Laoisa Sexton

Vidya Singh

Arnold Slater

Craig Taylor

Maxime Verstraete

Denise Villamia

Kaiylah Watts

Dr. Wilma Watts

Pittman Ware

Amy Weinstein

Lisa Weissberg

Jay Winuk






Booth Ferris Foundation

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Celebrity Centre New York

DANY Studios

Dubway Studios

Tuesday's Children

Fractured Atlas

Here Arts Center

Industrial Plastics

Irondale Ensemble Project

Joyce Soho

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

National September 11 Memorial and Museum

Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

New-York Historical Society



911 Volunteer and First Responder Community Voiceovers:


Rev. Tim Dobbins

Michael Simon Hall

Bob Hart

Barbara Marion Horn

Dr. Wilma Hunt-Watts

Dr. Kathy O'Reilly Fallon

Jennifer Spano 

Denise Villamia 

Rhonda Villamia 

Kaiyla Watts



911 Volunteer and First Responder Community Video Participants:


Barbara Addesso 

Avi Ashman

Lorraine Ashman

Nehemiah Bar Yehuda 

Lisa Bellan-Boyer

Paul Bellan-Boyer 

Steven Boritz 

Bridget Cagney

Barbara Cohen

Dr. Ellen Coyne

Eileen Cristina

Dr. Gary Deutchman 

Dr. Gary DiBenedetto

Donna Dlugo 

Rev. Tim Dobbins

Carol Eurell 

Lenore Fiore Mills

Eileen Green

Jean Grillo

Artie Gudeon 

Bob Hart 

Barbara Marion Horn

Dr. Wilma Hunt-Watts 

Chester Johnson

Chris Kachukis

Bess Kachulis

Ayal Lindeman

Lorenzo Maldonado 

Bob McCrone 

Maurice McRae

Rev. David Miller  

Tarpley Mott

Patrice Mott

Dr. Kathy O'Reilly Fallon

Rabbi Roger Ross

Dr. Glenn Scarpelli

Bruce Solomon 

Les Speiser 

Grace Spevak 

Adruma Victoria

Denise Villamia 

Rhonda Villamia 

Kaiyla Watts



Special Thanks To: 


Anton Batagov, Composer, Arranger and Pianist

Shawn Boyle, Projection Designer

Angelina Cacciato, Assistant Producer

Michael Covino, Photographer and Filmmaker

Rev. Timothy Dobbins, Project Consultant

Perry Don, Crew

Michaelangelo DeSerio, Irondale Technical Director

Billy Baggett, Sound Engineer

Michael Boritz, Crew

Cheryl Duncan, PR Advisor

Gall Friedman, Filmmaker and Photographer

Terry Greiss, Executive Director, Irondale Center

Felix Kunze, Photographer

Matt Haimovitz, Cellist, Guest Musical Artist

Stacey Haughton, Performer and Costume Consultant

Gustavo Mantuano, Transport Crew

Suzanne Mernyk, Irondale Program Designer

Leonardo Pereznieto, Artist and Project Consultant

Amy Harnell, Performer, Movement Assistant and Project Consultant 

George Heslin, Artistic Director, Origins Theatre Company

Barbara Marion Horn, Volunteer Coordinator

Michael McGee, Irondale Associate Production Designer

Aleksey Kazakov, Graphics Designer

Emily Klibanoff, Technical Media Consultant

Kristin Marting, Artistic Director, HERE

John McCole, FDNY First Responder

Justin Partier, Lighting Designer

Preya Patel, Performer, Webmaster and Graphics Artist

Tamara Smith, Former Dir. First Responders Alliance, Tuesday’s Children

Joshua Tucker, Sound Engineer

Rhonda Villamia, Volunteer Coordinator 

Pittman Ware, Studio Operations Manager, Joyce Soho

Amy Weinstein, Associate Curator and Senior Oral Historian,

     National September 11 Memorial & Museum


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