Loving Obama

I was happy to be enlisted as dramaturg for this new conceptual movement play by artist John Ransom Phillips, inspired by Obama's memoir, Dreams From My Father, and presented by ArtPond. It was an interesting form of storytelling, bridging movement with text and music, to explore the psyche of a fatherless young black man who would become president. Choreographer Sidra Bell made her directing debut and Dennis Bell created a rich musical soundscape evoking the different stages of the man's journey of self discovery. Daily News Article: http://nydn.us/1c9UQd9

Another Romp in the Hay...

This intimate, heartfelt and very funny musical set in 1911, The Ironworker's Hayride, has been a wonderful journey of fulfillment and growth. Collaborating with Pulitzer Award winning writer Robert Olen Butler, Emmy Award winning composer Lanny Meyers, award-winning director Eric Michael Gillett, and my lovely co-star StacyLynn Bennett has made me a better storyteller. We are planning another iteration of this delightful story for 2015. Stay tuned!

Robert Durst, THE JINX, and Storytelling

We are all storytellers. Some people's stories are true, and some aren't. As an artist, I tell stories in a variety of ways. Depending on the project, I will position myself in a theater on the near or far side of the curtain. At other times I will sit in front of or behind a camera, or on different sides of an audition table. Sometimes, I'm hunched over and writing at a table, or moving my body across the floor, alone in a studio late into the night. All of this to tell a good story. I whip up my own stories from scratch, and I also interpret the stories of others, or help other storytellers fulfill their vision. Some stories I tell for a paycheck, and some simply because they need to be to

Honoring Leaders in Technology

I'm happy to share I'm creating the role of a scientific researcher who works for Thomas Edison in 1902, and travels through time and space to 2015 to honor visionaries in electronics technology from across the planet, including the likes of Elon Musk. And my co-star will be an actual humanoid robot!

Portraying John Hancock

I was thrilled to play the role of John Hancock in the new film LIBERTY, created by Stephen David Productions. They have been creating a name for themselves as wonderful storytellers of American history and its fascinating characters. What made this such a meaningful experience was that we shot on location at the actual Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Sitting on the dias, right where Mr. Hancock sat, and looking out across the sea of delegates from our thirteen founding colonies was an experience I will never forget.

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